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You want your business to make money, so you advertise, right? Yes, but the problem is - according to recent studies - as much as 90% of advertising fails. The problem usually isn't the fault of the media - if it's aimed at the right target audience. The problem is most often the message itself. The message must be powerful, compelling; it must call out to the customer, and move them to act now! And, the best messages use direct response copywriting. The best way to make money online is with direct response copy. And, Rob Wilson is a master of direct response copywriting.

You see, there's a science to advertising. It's not rocket science, but if you look at most advertising today, you'll realize that very few ad industry professionals have studied it. There are not many freelance copywriters and even fewer advertising agency copywriters who have studied it. Finding someone who is familiar with ad science is rare. Rarer still is finding someone who is skilled in Direct Response Advertising and Copywriting. Rob Wilson is a freelance copywriter who understands direct response marketing.

Direct Response Advertising is any ad that motivates the prospect to respond immediately either by clicking a link, making a phone call, or returning a pre-paid postcard. It is the preferred form of marketing in today's online world: e-mails, websites, landing pages, squeeze pages, sales letters, especially any ad that is hungry for clicks!

Direct response marketing is designed to grab the readers' attention; speak to their needs, desires and problems; and guide them to a solution. All using storytelling and the powerful, science-based form of persuasive writing known as Direct Response Copywriting. Direct marketers and internet marketers need to use direct marketing copy to boost sales. Rob Wilson is a top copywriter who knows how to write for online sales.

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  • Rob Wilson is an award-winning direct response copywriter with a proven record of increasing sales and marketing ROI. With more than two decades of experience, Rob creates copy that sells for E-Mail Marketing, Web Sites, Online Advertising, Direct Mail, and Print Advertising. Rob is an experienced freelance copywriter in Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, and Non-Profit Fundraising.

    Wilson is a highly talented and accomplished marketing and communications professional with more than 20 years experience increasing business for B2C, B2B, and Non-Profit products and services. He has an extensive background in copywriting for the financial industry, food industry, healthcare industry, and transportation industry among others.

    Rob has the proven ability to manage and develop successful advertising campaigns, marketing campaigns, and public relations campaigns. He is able to help you plan and direct all your advertising, public relations, social media, and other promotional campaigns as needed. He can also help you develop strategies for ALL media including online news, newspapers, magazines, web sites, radio, television, direct mail, and social media.

    Rob Wilson is an accomplished storyteller. He is experienced in developing content and stories for articles, news releases, press releases, newsletters, bulletins, white papers, pamphlets, brochures, advertisements, SEO, books, speeches, and more. Robís background includes creating and implementing social media marketing to leverage the viral power of social media to raise awareness with target audiences. Wilson is able to develop media relations policies and advise management on PR interview techniques. He is also an outstanding speaker - for more on Robís keynote speeches, seminars and workshops visit Jump Start Your Meeting!

    Whether you're looking to boost online sales, or increase your company's market share, contact Rob Wilson today!

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